Mary Beth has made a big difference for us and our rescue puppy. She is a dog trainer of the highest caliber and an amazing human being. She teaches owners how to achieve full control of their dogs without raising voice or punishments which don’t work. In just a few sessions, Gem was completely turned around, and we knew exactly what to do and what not to do. Mary Beth’s approach is that of building a loving bond with your dog and rewarding it for good actions and behavior. We are very grateful for everything we’ve learned and for a beautiful bond she’s helped us to develop with our new puppy. Mary Beth is the best of the best!
Julia Butler, Encino, CA

Mary Beth was so great with Malachi and us!  She told us about so many new and improved ways to train our puppy!  She was very thorough!  She told us about targeting, keywords, boundaries, walking Malachi properly, and so much more!  Mary Beth’s training is well worth the money!  I was impressed with how much I learned in a little over an hour!  I’ve also called her several times when Malachi was sick and my vet’s phone line was busy!  She was right on point with her recommendations!  Mary Beth is a true professional!  Plus, Malachi seemed to learn very easily and quickly with her methods!  Malachi, Kimmit, and myself appreciated Mary Beth’s dog training!
Carina Jacob and Kimmit Haggins

Before the training, my newly adopted 5-year-old Dandie Dinmont Terrier, who had been in the shelter for over 1 year, knew basically nothing of a world outside of a fenced yard for 4 years and the shelter for another year.

According to the shelter, he was dropped off because of a “lifestyle change”. During the 1 year at the shelter, he was adopted out 3 times and brought back 3 times.

No one walked him or did any training I could see, but by chance, he entered my life. Taking him for a walk challenged him with new smells, sounds, and distractions. 

He barked at just about everything, other dogs, lawn statues, bicycles flying down the street. He barked so much at the vet’s office I would tell them I’ll be outside waiting. When I put him in the car to go to the park, he tried so hard not to go in and cried on the way and fought just as hard to not take him out. After all, the only time he was in a car was to be brought back to the shelter.

At one point I thought maybe this was a mistake. I called Mary Beth, (Keegan’s Dog Training) for help. The first thing I learned was to take a deep breath and analyze the root of the behavior.  After we spoke, I knew I could not give up on this guy.

Right off the bat, Mary Beth informed me that avoidance is not training and be patient with the process. When called he would come to me shaking, tail down, ready for discipline. It was clear someone was not nice to the poor guy.

Well, today we are living proof the process works. 1 year later everyone is complimenting me on how well behaved he is. He holds his head with trust and runs to the car for a ride to the park. He does not bark at the vet’s office and his personality has emerged. He’s very smart and at times very funny. Not only would I recommend Keegan’s Dog Training, but I was also confident to adopt another dog, Shih Tzu mix, who’s owner went into a nursing home. She had separation anxiety and did not like to be in a car.

Cut to the chase, now she is calm, and we just recently took a road trip across the country. Thank you, Mary Beth, for our fun family.


On our fifth attempt, we found the trainer we had been looking for. Mary Beth Keegan understands both dogs and people. She is patient and provides an encouraging and non-judgmental atmosphere. Her goal, in working with you, is to share her knowledge and to give you confidence. You now become your pet’s trainer.
Time with Buddy is more enjoyable. He is more responsive and we have a closer bond.
I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for having found Mary Beth.

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